Eligibility is defined by the Charter as being confined to:
Widows or daughters (over the age of 40) of deceased Officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and Royal Navy Chaplains, including those Officers of the Reserves who have given mobilised service; and
Wives or daughters (over the age of 40) of living Officers who would otherwise meet the requirements of the sub-paragraph above but who, through incapacity or other circumstances, are unable to provide for their dependants.

Applicants must be in good health and capable of looking after themselves independently without assistance, as there is no Warden or other specialist on-site Resident support.

The Terms of the original Foundation Deed were designed for the circumstances of the mid-19th Century, and so have been updated over time since then. In judging eligibility, Governors must therefore be guided by these principles while preserving a little latitude for judgement as long as need and eligibility are clear. There is normally a short waiting list which is reviewed regularly, but priority is related to need rather than time on the list.

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